Rider Name: Chris Peterson

Age: 18

Hometown: Sandy, UT

Years racing: 6
Career highlights:
  • 30th place 2007 Junior MTB World Championships
  • 2007 2nd place overall Junior Expert Men NMBS XC and STXC
  • 1st place 2007 Junior Expert XC Deer Valley National
  • 3rd place 2007 Junior Expert XC Mountain Bike National CHampionships
  • 4th place 2007 Junior Expert XC Sea Otter Classic
  • 2005 Junior Expert 16 and Under Overall Series Champion

Bike: Giant Anthem Carbon

Favorite Trail: Gooseberry Mesa, St. George, UT

Current school: Freshman at University of Colorado Boulder

If I weren't a bike racer I'd be a: Billionaire

Favorite fruit: Watermelon

Other interests: Women, snow and water skiing, extreme scootering, knee boarding, freestyle skiing, and scuba diving.

E-mail: afroman6969@msn.com

Favorite quote: "Escuse me, Flo?"

Words of wisdom: Don't do crack.
Photo by Ashley Cox
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